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Festival Stage Structures, Trussing & Rigging Equipment

We have the following Structures available and ready to go.

Eagle Stage
The Eagle Stage

19m x 17m structure footprint. 18m x 16m internal space.

This is our festival Main Stage cover and is booked by many UK festivals and outdoor events alike. If you want things big, then look no further!

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Site plan, design and build
The Temple Stage

13m x 13m structural footprint 12m x 12m internal space also 13m x 19m wide with additional pa/video wings

Another great UK Festival and Events structure! This stage has seen many acts and can tell many stories, its rock and roll baby! The cover itself is finished in silver and is ideal for corporate events alike. A very tidy stage indeed.

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The Saddle Cover Stage
The Saddle Cover Stage

A fully covered outdoor concert stage, ideal for any type of outdoor show, rock concerts full orchestral performances can be easily accommodated under the 18m wide performance area.

The depth of this stage is also impressive, from 10m, it can be extended up to 20m deep. This stage is wonderful to light and alot of fun at night and can be used as a venue with the front on, or take the front and back off and you have a great shade for partys out side or product launches, car shows, etc.

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Arches Stage
The Arches Stage

10.5m x 10.5m structural footprint, 10m x 10m internal space

This is our second stage set up and is as the name describes a formation of 3 arches which can all have lights screens and trusses sub-hung from the internal structures.

NB. It should be notes that the 3 larger structures require a telescopic forklift to erect and dismantle along with a small team of professional riggers.

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Large F.O.H Cover/ Band Stage
Large F.O.H Cover / Band Stage

5m x 3.5m Stage Space

These smaller structures do exactly as it says on the tin.

Both of these stage cover systems can be used as small stages for smaller more intimate events or to provide the required 'Front Of House' control position to the Larger Covers stocked above.

Once selected let us fill the cover with stage deck, lights and sound, with all the trimmings!

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